frequently asked questions
Has the TD80 been proven in the field?
  Since its introduction in September 1999, there have been thousands of installations in a variety of applications. The TD80 boasts a long list of satisfied, repeat customers.
What is Guided Wave Radar?
  Guided Wave Radar is based on the principle of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). It differs from Free Space Radar (FSR) in that the radar pulses are launched down a probe rather than through the air. A high-speed pulse is launched down a probe, reflects off the surface of the liquid in the tank, and returns back up the probe. The total flight time of the pulse is measured and used with the tank depth chart (strapping table) to calculate the liquid level or volume.
What is the company’s warranty policy?


Titan Logix Corp. (Edmonton, AB; Lampman, SK; Overland Park, KS Offices– hereafter referred to as “TLC”) warrants all its manufactured assemblies to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR, from the date of shipment. Effective October 1st, 2011, TD80™ probes, transmitters, Finch 5332 displays, Finch II display, wire kits, relay module, RCM loading rack interface, and MIC 10 communications interface are warranted against manufacturing defects for THREE (3) YEARS from the date of shipment.

This warranty only covers manufacturing defects and does not cover those damages incurred during installation. Nor does it include damage to any peripheral devices or modifications made to TLC’s devices after sale. Nor does it include those damages which are required as a result of improper installation, misuse, maladjustment, abnormal operating conditions, or lack of routine maintenance. Nor does it include the furnishing of service for maintenance or problems arising from the foregoing causes. No claims for labour, installation, removal, transportation, or other expenses will be recognized. In the event of an accepted warranty claim, TLC shall assume financial responsibility only to the extent of TLC’s invoiced price of the particular product. Warranty does not cover the removal, reinstallation or modification of equipment. All repairs are FOB Edmonton, Alberta and/or Lampman, Saskatchewan and/ or Overland Park, KS. Should repair be required, freight will only be covered by Titan Logix Corp. for the cost of the return of the repaired product to the customer. All other freight charges will be incurred by the customer.

This warranty does not cover those damages incurred due to corrosion of the wetted parts. Probe failure from corrosion is not covered by this warranty.  The TD80™FINCH 5332 Display, FINCH II Display and all electronics supplied by Titan Logix Corp. are only warranted if protected from road hazards. The warranty is valid only if the TD80™ is installed in accordance with the instruction manual provided.



All service and installation work completed by TLC is warranted for a period of SIXTY (60) DAYS.  For those repairs completed at TLC’s facilities, warranty will cover all parts and labor.  For those repairs performed in any other location, only parts and labor on site is covered.  See below for travel to site details.



Any repairs conducted away from TLC’s facilities shall be subject to TLC’s current travel and mileage rates.  The travel charges are based on a round trip to the site, starting from one of TLC’s main offices.

TLC states that it makes no other guarantees or warranties express or implied by the customer, trade usage or law. 

What services does the product support team at Titan Logix offer?
  The Titan Logix Product Support team offers the following assistance:
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Staff training
Our experts are available over the phone, in the field, and on-site.
What is the process for product repairs?
  Occasions may arise that require the repair of a Titan product. In such a situation please refer to the following procedure.
  1. No material will be accepted at the Titan factory without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) # clearly marked on the package and return paperwork. An RMA # can be obtained by contacting the Edmonton Product Support department at the number (780-462-4085) indicated in the previous section.
  2. All returns must arrive with freight prepaid. Repair will be returned from Titan Logix with freight collect.
  3. Repair work will not commence until the customer has approved the estimated repair costs. If the repair is under warranty it will not require prior customer approval.
  4. It is understood that, should Titan Logix not have the proper equipment / facilities to complete the repair on site, the repair item will be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation (if applicable). All freight charges to and from factory, as well as a minimum evaluation charge (if applicable), will be appropriately billed to the customer.
  5. All equipment sent to the Titan factory must be certified as being completely decontaminated and poses no possible toxic, corrosive, irritant, flammable, radioactive or biological hazard to any personnel required to unpack, handle, examine, maintain or repair it.