S. Grant Reeves, BA


Grant Reeves has served as a corporate vice president of The InterTech Group, Inc. since 1990 and has 20 years of merger and acquisition, corporate finance, and strategic planning experience. He is also the CEO of Circa Enterprises Inc. where he is responsible for corporate leadership and direction of Circa Enterprises Inc. Mr. Reeves was previously the President of PBI Performance Products Inc., a South Carolina based material science company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high performance polymers. In addition, Mr. Reeves previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Galvanic Applied Sciences, Inc., a publicly-traded company involved in the design, manufacturing and selling of instrumentation equipment in the natural gas, industrial liquids and sulfur processing markets located in Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Reeves graduated from the Terry Business School of the University of Georgia in 1978. He has been a Director of Titan Logix Corp. since June 2016.


Charles Buehler


Charles Buehler of Ontario, Canada is currently a Senior Strategy and Business Development advisor for Walker Industries Holdings Limited.  He is also a partner in Brighthouse Capital Partners LP, an Ontario-based investment fund, and Treasure Coast Rental Properties LLLP, a Florida-based investment fund.  He is a director and majority shareholder of Path IT Systems Inc., a private holding company that owns the worldwide license rights to a suite of logistics, customer relationship management and geographical information systems software. Prior to 2013, Mr. Buehler was Chairman and CEO of Organic Resource Management Inc., a TSX.V listed company that was acquired by Walker Industries.  He has been a Director since June 15, 2015.


Warren White, CPA, MBA


Mr. Warren White, is a CPA and an MBA graduate from Concordia University. He has held many senior leadership roles for large international manufacturing organizations with responsibilities in information technology, finance, procurement and strategic planning. Before becoming an independent consultant, Mr. White was Senior Vice President, Global Business Engineering at CGI until 2012 and Vice President, Information Technology and Global Procurement at Alcan Aluminum until 2003. He has been a Director of Titan Logix Corp. since January 2016.


Helen Cornett, CPA, CA


Helen Cornett is a CPA, CA and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) - honours business administration degree from the University of Windsor and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta. Ms. Cornett was one of the founding shareholders of Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc., and assisted with the company's formation in 1995. Since that time she served in several key roles, first as Galvanic's chief financial officer and executive vice president, and from August 2010 through March 2014, as the company's chief executive officer. Previously, she held senior positions in both public and private oil and gas companies. Ms. Cornett earned her chartered accountant designation with Price Waterhouse. She has been a Director of Titan Logix Corp. since June 2016.


 Douglas Carruthers, BA

Chief Executive Officer, Director