The Av-Stik is Titan’s asset management solution for the loading and unloading of aviation fuels.

Av-Stik uses Guided Wave Radar Technology. A pulse is fired down the probe, reflects off the liquid, and travels back up the probe. The total flight time of the pulse is measured and used to calculate the liquid level or volume. This allows the Av-Stik to function with no moving parts, making it highly accurate and incredibly reliable.

The components are individually designed to withstand harsh conditions, and combine to create a rugged and reliable system. The transmitter enclosure is explosion proof and made from anodized, aluminum. The display, called the Stik Monitor, is weatherproof (NEMA 4), and the probe is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Av-Stik can provide high and low-level shutdowns, and, when combined with the Rack Control Module, can also provide loading rack controls. The Stik Monitor is capable of monitoring and displaying multiple compartments.

  • Advanced technology can tie into electronic metering and PLC systems
  • Highly precise and consistent measurements accurate to 0.1 inches
  • Compatible with the Rack Control Module to prevent overfills and spills while loading at a rack
  • Displays multiple compartments providing at-a-glance knowledge of fluid levels
  • Increased accuracy compared to antiquated jet level sensors, for improved reliability of high-level shutdowns