Barnett ProTalk B-1290

The new ProTalk Plus B1290 helps to avoid costly downtime and disasters by providing early notification of trouble conditions with your critical equipment. The B1290 improves on the design of the B1270 that thousands of operators have come to depend on for their alarm reporting needs. Installation is even easier, featuring a new design and optional programming software that makes installation fast and easy.

  • Redesigned casing makes installation into panels extremely simple.
  • Easy to read status indicators and removable terminal blocks allow for easy operation and installation.
  • Expanded callout capabilities are supported. As many as 4 callout directories with 16 phone numbers each can be used for maximum callout flexibility.
  • Up to 4 different shifts can be programmed, allowing for alternating personnel to be notified based on the time of day.
  • Relays can be activated automatically when inputs are energized, or activated manually for optimum control.
  • Allows for unique site identification, plus full-length, user-recordable messages for each input and output.
  • Alarms can be announced over any combination of radio, telephone, pager, or public address system.
  • Status of inputs and outputs can be interrogated remotely.
  • Supports expansion from the basic 8 digital alarm inputs and 4 relay outputs up to 64 digital inputs and 32 outputs.
  • Extreme temperature rating of -40° C to +60° C makes the B1290 ideal for the most demanding industrial monitoring applications.
  • Use the ProTalk Plus to send coded tones along with voice messages to activate relays or annunciator panels.
  • Can act as a master station to concentrate alarms from other remote B1290s.
  • Lift stations
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Purification equipment
  • Chemical analyzers
  • Liquid level gauges
  • Security equipment