VegaPuls 66

The VEGAPULS 66 provides the highest level of performance in the most extreme process conditions such as foam, build-up, condensation, agitation, and high temperatures and pressures.

It utilizes a 6 inch or larger diameter horn to focus the microwave energy toward the measurement surface. The horn also provides a large area for collecting the return signal.


  • 6.3 GHz low-frequency radar
  • Loop-powered
  • Adjustment with PLICSCOM, HART handheld or PC
  • Specialty waveguides as well as a glass-lined horn available

  • -40° to 752°F (-40° to 400°C) operating temperature
  • -14.5 to 2320 psi (-1 to 160 bar) operating pressure
  • +/- 10 mm (0.39") accuracy
  • 98 ft (30 m) measuring range
  • SIL2 Qualified (IEC 61508/61511 Standards)