VegaFlex 65

The VEGAFLEX 65 is designed for measurement of liquids with a dielectric constant as low as 1.4.

The VEGAFLEX 65 has a probe which has 1/4" rod within a 1/2" tube. This coaxial arrangement is very efficient. It eliminates any interference that could be caused by obstructions in the vessel, and it collects all of the energy reflected off of the measurement surface.

  • 3/4" NPT process connection available
  • Loop-powered
  • Unaffected by conditions such as foam and agitation
  • 316L and Hastelloy C22 wetted parts are available

  • -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C) operating temperature
  • -14.5 to 580 psi (-1 to 40 bar) operating pressure
  • 19 ft (6 m) measuring range
  • SIL2 Qualified (IEC 61508/61511 Standards)