VegaSwing 60 Series

VEGASWING vibrating sensors require total submersion in liquids to cause the frequency shift. The buildup of high viscosity liquids must be complete across the fork to cause false signals; buildup that does not "bridge" the forks does not cause false signals.

Vibration tuning fork level switch for liquids and liquid gases

Reliable level detection of liquids having a density above 30 lbs/ft3.

Works in very high viscosities

Works with very high solids content

Fork design can be applied to liquids with very high solids content; it is not affected by changes in proportion of suspended solids.


  • Highly stable: simple and rugged, with no cleaning and maintenance in most applications
  • Overflow/overfill protection
  • High/low level control and intermediate point level detection
  • Min./max. failsafe mode selectable
  • Four integral electronic and output options:
    • Non contact output
    • Floating relay contact
    • Floating transistor output
    • Intrinsically safe (two wire output)
  • AC or DC powered directly by universal input for 20-250 VAC and 20-60 VDC in same electronics
  • Self-monitoring electronics recognizes various electrical faults and mechanical changes
  • Unaffected by conditions of tank temperature and pressure changes, or by electromagnetic interference of high current machinery, turbines, etc.
  • Superior electronics ignore the external vibration of machines ensuring reliable operation even under very adverse conditions
  • NEMA protection the standard version has a plastic housing, protection NEMA 4, 4x, and 6, with cable connection via terminal screws.
  • For high moisture environments we recommend the stainless steel housing, protection NEMA class 6 with waterproof plug connection, Ex Class I, Div 1
  • Mount vertically, horizontally or angularly
  • Temperature -40° to 302 °F
  • Operating pressures up to 580 psig
  • Independent / redundant backup system for continuous gauges
  • Over-flow protection